Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mixed feelings....My thoughts

There are two types of people in this world. For the first group of people(most of them), money matters and for very few others, life matters. No point for guessing ;), because anyone who knows me can blindly tell that I would definately opt for the later option. Okey, by the grace of god, I have got this life. So is there anything wrong if I want to live multiple lives within this one life. I could never get the fact that how can a person live a monotonous same routine for 20-30 years. I got fed up with that in 5 years. May be that was my tolerance level :(, lower than other people. But I took a step forward and made a decision to end my old life at a certain point and start a new beginning. Not everyone has this courage. Ok at least, I have something to cover up my low tolerance level :). The former type of people (money type) thought I have got a perfect job (for some of them, its a dream job, seriously; I just wanna tell them wake up dude), a perfect life, a perfect family and everything so perfect. But the problem is , I am not perfect at all. An imperfect person sorrunded by perfect environment, that was my actual reason for suffocation. Then I remembered that  my dad always boosted up saying that he came to Kathmandu with Rs. 100 in his hand and did so much for us. So I also wanted to tell my children that I just came up here with 2000 bucks and created this regime for you guyz. Hence, decision was made and my journey began in a search of a new life. I wasnot just happy with my previous life . So I broke my own laws, my own values and my own beliefs for the pursuit of my happiess.

I know I may fall down on my noses and guess what, people are eagarly waiting to see that so that they could prove themselves right and tell me, see I had told you earlier. The only problem I have with Nepalese people is everyone I meet suggests or orders me to do something or not to do something. Now you have completed studies, u should find a job. I did and they said you should get married. OK I did, and immediately the following day they stared demanding for a child. I said you guyz focus on your own life and let me live my life. But would they stop? Unanomously, everyone said you shouldnot go abroad, you have better life here. Who the hell are they to decide about my life. I said get lost everyone,I have made up my mind,  I will definately go. I want to live a life of my own. I want to see how the world outside my confort zone looks like. I want to experience a new life style, meet people around the world, know their stories, share my feelings, learn new things and enjoy new feelings. I got to meet few couples from Nepal. I couldnot believe that actually an abroad life is easier for girls than guyz. We have been trained from our birth to live with the fact that we
have to leave our family one day. If we can survive without our family then would we miss in-laws abroad; no ways ;). To be absolutely frank, it has become intolerable for married girls in Nepal to keep a proper balance between their life and work. Not being able to handle pressure from office as well as family was one of the major reasons for 90% of girls to fly abroad :O. And I give you my words, the rate is only going to increase in the future. Now its high time to redefine the society laws and rules for women or sit back and see your children flying away.When the so called rules and regulations of the society start killing an achiever, a dreamer and a struggler inside a girl, only breaking the rules seems to make sense to her.

Now, since I have moved on, did I stop loving my country. Absoluteky not. I alwzys had a strong feeling towards making my country a better place to live in compared to my friends. Thats a reason, my friends had never guessed about my decision of going abroad. But with time everthing just got changed. The question of " How can I contribute to my country" just transformed into "how can I steal an hour of extra sleep on saturday so that I can reenergize myself for the coming week". Then I thought; balancing my country's economy and minimizing trade deficit though remittance is also not a bad idea. Jokes apart, I have promised myself to return back to my country because I know I cant life this life for ever as well. I have to end this life at certain point and my new life, new chapter will again unfold at Nepal. But when?? yeah, After getting the power when noone dares to tell me what I should do and what I shoulnot do. My dad wanted to send me to China to become a doctor. But I never ever wanted to be so. Nooffence, But I dont like doctors at all. I said I would rather go for engineering, so opted for architecture engineering. After 15 days, I called dad and said its not my cup of tea and am going to change the faculty. He literally got shocked and asked me not to do so. But ultimate decision was mine, and I finally when I managed to hold a distinction in Electronics Engineering, my dad felt equally proud of me :). I dont know if my life would have been better if I had become a doctor or architect, but I always felt proud to make my own decisions and prove myself right. I am just sure my further decisions wont be regretful either.

The big question now is why am I writing this. Because I dont want to forget what I have felt at this transtion phase of my life. When I look back and read this, I can relive the moment and remind myself about my priorities and way of seeing my life.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Some advertisements we had developed for NTC and nagarik news as a part of our assignment. Just a collection not to let it go out of memory!!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Youth and Entrepreneurship

We see around that almost every youngster is complaining about the unemployment, lack of opportunity, insurgency, lack of infrastructure, and so on. Most of them desire to get some lucrative job or settle abroad as soon as they complete their higher education. Least of them think or dare to start a new venture and do something on their own. But youngsters solely cannot be blamed for this situation. We live in the society where from our childhood, we are constantly bombarded with the idea that we should grab a reputed profession like doctor, engineer, government officer or alike on our adulthood. None of the parents inspire their children to become an entrepreneur. They are happy if their child gets some regular income earning job and stick with that throughout their life without getting any chance to explore themselves further, know their ability, search for the opportunities and work on their innovative ideas .We always tend to choose the path carved by our ancestors that is presumed to be safe but lacks the room for creativity.

It’s high time to understand that the sustainable growth of enterprises do help in uplifting the economy of the country. It’s the best way of creating jobs and not letting our talent escape from our country. Some of the major problems like poverty, low living standard, unemployment, etc. can be solved or at least minimized by promoting entrepreneurship. Just we must have the vision to grasp the opportunity and dare to take the risk. But for this, Youngsters need to be encouraged by their friends, family, society and thus country when they start any kind of new entrepreneurial venture. Before that, they need to be educated and create awareness about the concept of entrepreneurship and thus inspire to become an entrepreneur.

Though the concept of entrepreneurship is still struggling to occupy the mind space of the people, it’s really nice to see the increasing number of youngsters taking interest on entrepreneurship. The importance is slowly being recognized. People are waiting chance to create the change and become the part of economic revolution of the country.

Rabindra Puri could have easily spend his life happily with a well paid job at GTZ; but his immense interest on architect did not allow him just to stay there and stare the old buildings pulled down to give an ugly concrete structure. Thus he started to restore the old buildings and monuments without destroying its architecture and associated emotions. His first project was a huge success which was declared as a “Model House” by Bhaktapur municipality. Slowly he moved towards the housing project where he restored old houses and built new ones in a traditional style. Being one of the most successful entrepreneurs of this time, he has proved that if a person believes on his idea and devotes himself for that, success is just going to follow him.

Mr. Amrit Tuladhar, after completing his bachelors and masters degree from USA, came back to do something here in Nepal. After working for 4 years in Himalayan bank, he thought of quitting his regular income earning job and taking his dad’s retail business to online. Thus he introduced “” basically derived from Muncha house located at New road. It was the time when internet was out of reach of general public. But he had the clear vision of changing environment and in no time internet access became so common over here. He didn’t stop right there and continuously tried to experiment lots of things from allowing others to sell through him to printing and delivering photos uploaded at the site as per the order. He’s a great source of inspiration to those who think nothing can be done at this place and thus, migrate abroad.

He is just 28 and has conquered Mt. Everest twice. Though his mother is from Belgium, Dawa Steven Sherpa has acquired his genes from his Nepalese father along with whom, he manages “Asian Trekking”; a leading agency for expeditions and trekking in Nepal. He creatively raises money for ecology. The money raised would used in projects to prepare local villages to withstand the effects of climate change. In 2007, he founded the world’s highest bakery at 5350 meters in the Base-camp. He is a successful entrepreneur focused not only in earning money but uplifting the economic as well as the social condition of the country. He has created a new image of Sherpas living around Everest who were only just viewed as guides in previous days.

Born and raised in Nangi, a remote village in the mountainous Myagdi District of western Nepal, Mr. Mahabir Pun spent his childhood grazing cattle, and attending a village school. After graduating from USA, he returned to his native village and thus recognized the critical need for sustainable education. Pun founded the Himanchal High School with a special focus on computer education and other programs with income-generating capacity. Mr. Pun is a social entrepreneur. He started the distance learning and online education services at the rural part of the country. He built a new cultural centre and has developed communication links for yak farmers. His contributions are really appreciable inspiring the young generations of today on indulging on those activities that can change the shape of our country; if not at least that of our community. 

Chetan Bhandari was born in 2033 B.S. At home, he used tuki batti while studying. Today, Mr. Chetan Bhandari holds great pride in introducing himself as the chairman of Baje ko Sekuwa, a famous restaurant chain in the city of Kathmandu. The first few days came as a shock though. On the first day itself, he could not even sell three plates of sekuwa, out of the 3 kgs of meat that he had carried along. It was disappointing but that did not stop him from hoping for the better days. His patience paid off well. Because he was a Brahmin and would always wear traditional Dahura Suruwal, the officials in and around the airport started saying to each other, “tyo bahun baje ko ma sekuwa khaana jaun”. Soon enough, people started calling it, Baje ko sekuwa. It’s one of the most profitable brand at today’s date which is an ultimate example of how a small start can lead to a huge success.

We may not have heard so many success stories of young Entrepreneurs, but those few who have attempted to create a change, to become innovative and to work on their ideas, are the source of inspiration to all the youngsters. Following their footsteps, more Entrepreneurs are likely to born and the number will go on increasing for sure. However, the environment that a nation creates also determines the significant number of Entrepreneurs to be developed and grow. Strong and effective institutions that provide security to the life and property, maintain rule of law, encourage healthy competition and innovation are the basic requirements of Entrepreneurship development. Obviously Nepal lacks such institutions and laws with the minimum infrastructure and haphazard political, legal and economic condition. But just complaining would do nothing. If one dares to come out of the comfort zone and fight against the situation with his new, innovative ideas and strong determination, he is likely to set an example and inspire others to become a successful Entrepreneur.

The condition of the country is not as worse in real as it is in the perception of the people. There are tremendous opportunities waiting for the people to grab them and convert into the successful stories. Not anyone else but young generation should now take this responsibility. Instead of waiting for someone else to create a favorable environment, people need to fight against the existing situation and thus create a better opportunities for themselves and for the new generation. We can still be hopeful that youngsters will choose to be an Entrepreneur to any other options in the very near future.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

कहिलेकाहिं सोच्दा लाग्छ!!!!!

हारेको मन
डुबेका रहर
टुटेको मुटु
मरेको आत्मा
सम्हालौं कसरी
म आफैलाई !!!

न बाँच्न सक्छु
न हास्न सक्छु
रुन्छु तड्पिन्छु
केवल आश गर्छु!!!

नया समय आउला
मेरो दुःख हरला
खुशीको सागरमा
डुबुल्की मारुम्ला

पिडा सबै लुकाई
मुस्कुराउनै पर्ने
यो दुनिया कस्तो
नाटकमै रमाउने!!!!
ठोकर जति खाएनि
अघि बढ्नै पर्ने
रीत यस्तै छ यहाको
बाचिरहनै पर्ने!!!
हासिरहनै पर्ने!!!
देखाइरहनै पर्ने!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

जातीय प्रदेशको विरोधमा

मुटुमाथि हात राखी आफैं सँग सोध
के साचीं टुक्राउननै चाहन्छौ त देश??
जुनसुकै जात धर्म माने पनि
के हैनौ र पहिले नेपाली तिमी??
यी धर्ति पनि हुन त तिम्रै आमा
रोइरहेछिन आज पसि एउटा कुना
पोखुं पनि कोसंग उनले आफ्नो दु:ख
सन्तान नै उनका निक्ले यति मूर्ख
केहि ब्वाँसाहरूले नेता रूप धरे
त के हामले आफ्नो विवेक गुमाउने??
अतिथिलाई देउता हामी मान्ने गर्थिम
आफ्नै दाजु-भाईसंग भिड्न हामी तम्सिम
सदभाव नै शक्ति हुने गर्थयो देशमा
लडदैछन् आज जातीयताको नाममा
भाई फुटे गंवारले लुटछन्
देशको अस्तित्व माटोमा मिलाउछन्
सुन्दर र शान्त सदभाव सहितको
मलाई  पुरानो नेपाल फिर्ता चाहियो
हातोमालो गर्दै आऊ आजैबाट
यो देशलाई बचाउन तर्फ लाग!!!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

हिंड्दा हिंड्दै

आज केहि घटनाहरुलाई शब्दरुपी जालमा बुन्न मान लाग्य छ। हुन त यी घटनाहरू विल्कुलै सामान्य छन् तर पनि किन हो मेरो मानसपटलमा गहिरो छाप छोडेका छन्। यिनमा न त ज्ञानगुनका ठूला ठूला कुरा हरू नै पाइन्छन न त कुनै मनोरन्जनको श्रोत नै हुन तर पनि जीवनका केहि लुकेका तथ्य हरु भेटाए मैले यि घटना भित्र जस्ले उत्प्रेरित गर्यो मलाई यो ब्लग लेख्नलाई ता कि समय चक्र घुम्दै जांदा यि कुराहरू मेरा स्मरणबाट टाढा हुंदै नजाउन्।

केहि वर्ष अगाडि आमा मामाघर जानुभाथ्यो , बाबा अचानक बिरामी हुनुभयो । म र दिदि खांदा खांदैको गाँस छोडेर teachin hospital को emergencyतिर दौडिम। तर बिडम्बना emergency मा एउटा बेड पनि खाली थिएन न त बाबा को त्यो हालत नै के हामी अर्को hospital जाने बारे सोच्न सक्थियौं ।वाध्यतावस दुई बिरामिले एउटै बेड share गरेर काम चलाइयो । तर अहिलेको द्श्य बिल्कूलै फरक छ। दुई तले emergency building मा बेडहरु जताततै खाली देखिन्छन् । यो सम्भव भएको हो त केवल एक व्यक्तिको कारण – मीन ब. गुरुङ ; उहि के त हाम्रा भाटभटेनिका साहुजी । आफ्ना स्वर्गिय माता पिताको प्रतिमूर्ति सहितको building हस्पिटल जस्तो सामाजिक कार्यमा समर्पित संस्थानलाई उपलब्ध गराएको देख्दा हर कोहिलाई “पैसा कमाउनु त यसरी” जस्तो किन नलाग्दो हो र। “यो building मा त हाम्रो नि पैसा पर्या छ नि, हामले किनेको सामान बाट नाफा कमाको पैसो के त” फ्याट्ट एउटा काकाले भनिहाले ।तुरुन्त तेसको उत्तर आयो “ऊ नभाको भए पनि कसै न कसैले ता खाइहाल्थ्यो , तर खाएर पनि यति गर्यो यहि ठूलो कुरा हो” । कुरा सोर्है आना साँचो थियो । गुरुङ जति पैसा कमाएका यो देशमा कति होलान तर यसरि सामाजिक कार्यमा अग्रसरता देखाउने कतिनै होलान र ।यस्तो कामले समाजलाई त राम्रो गर्छ नै, गुरुङजी जस्ता ब्यापारीलाई झनै फाइदा पो गराउंदो रहेछ ।मान्छेहरू माझ उहांहरुको छबि मात्र राम्रो बन्दैन कि उहांहरुको ब्यापार नि फस्टाउंदै जान्छ । “तेसैले त भाटभटेनिमा किन्दा गौरव महसुस हुन्छ” फेरि तिनै काकाले भने ।मैले चाहिं माननै सोचें “पैसा कमाएर मात्र केहि नहुदो रैछ, तेसको सहि रूपमा उपयोग गर।न नि जान्नु पर्ने रहेछ” ।

यो प्रसंग अलि रमाइलो छ। मेरो भदा ५-६ वर्षको हुंदो हो; lays को एकदम सोखिम । म lays नलि उसलाई भेट्न गयो भने मेरो खैर छैन । एकदिन हामी रात्रीवस बाट बिराटनगर जादैं थिम जाममा परेर बाटोमा बस रोकियो। फुच्चे मेरो काखमै थियो। येसो नजर एता उता घुमाको त अगाडि lays नै lays ले सजिएको एउटा किराना पसल रैछ। मैले फुच्चेलाई “भाई हेर त पसलमा के रैछ” भनेर सोधेको ता फ्याट्ट उत्तर अइहालो “रक्सी” ।म त तिनछक नै परे । राम्ररी हेर्या त पसलको एक कुनामा रक्सीका बोतल रहेछन ।आफैलाई हास उठ्यो ।पसलमा चारैतिर lays थियो जुन उसलाई  औधी मन पर्दथियो तर उसको आँखा पसलको एउटा कुना मात्र ओगटेका बोतलहरुमा गयो जसको स्वाद सम्म उस्को जिब्रोले थाह पाएको थिएन। “आखिर यो केटाको जात नै यस्तै हो कि रक्सी को मात” मैले  चाहिं अझ नि ठम्माउन सकिरहेकि थिइन  ।

गाउँघरमा युवा पुस्ता भेटाउन असम्भव झैं भइसक्या छ आजकाल त । कि त उनिहरु अरब, दुबैतिर पसिना बगाउंदै हुन्छन् नभए विदेशिने रहर सहित काठमाडौं मा जुत्ता खियाउंदै हुन्छन् ।तेस्तै गाऊंको एउटा भाई विदेशको हण्डर खप्न नसकेर २० वर्ष अघि परमधाम भएका हजुरबाको आकस्मिक निधन भो भन्ने चिठीका आधारमा नेपाल फर्केका थिए । ऊ भेटियो गाऊँमा । अचम्म को कुरा ऊ फर्केपछि उसका बा र गाउँका अर्का एक दाईलाई मुग्लान पठाइएको रहेछ । “ बा लाई किन खेदिस हो कान्छा” भन्ने प्रश्नको सरल जवाफ थियो ऊ संग । “दिनभर रक्सी खाएर गाउँमा बरालिएर हैरान गरे, एसो देश विदेशलाई बुझेर आउँछन् कि भनेर पठाइदिएको । India मा ता रक्सी किन्न नि १ कि.मी हिड्नुपर्छ रे तै पनि यहाजस्तो जहितहि नपाउने; ढुक्क भाछ आजकाल ।पैसा कमाए भने ठीकै छ, हैन भने पनि कमसेकम पैसा कमाउन कति गार्हो हुन्छ भनेर त बुझ्छन नि” । ओ हो, बा आमाले छोरा छोरीलाई सिकाउने पाठ त कहिले कहिं छोरा छोरीले नि बा आमालाई सिकाउँदा रैछन् । खुशी लाग्यो ।

होलीको दिनको कुरा हो ।एउटा uncleko मा छिर्याथियौं; उहांकि करीब ९० वर्षकि बुढी आमाको घाटी भन्दा माथिको भाग मात्र चल्दो रहेछ। विजोग देखे मैले । दिमाग ले काम गरिरहेको थियो, भोक प्यास सबै महसुस गर्नुहुन्थयो र बोल्नु पनि हुन्थ्यो तर शरीर भने ओल्टो कोल्टो नि नफेरिने। जीवनको हरेक क्ष अरुप्रति आश्रित रहनु पर्ने दु:ख को आभाष हामी सजिलै गर्न सक्थियौं । आमाले गफको क्रम मा भन्नुभयो “यस्तो जीवन त बाच्नु छ काल नि नआउदोरैँनछ खै” ; मुटो च्वास्स बिझो मेरो तर उहांको छोराको अनुहारबाट मुस्कान हराको थिएन। शायद यो सुन्ने वानी परिसक्या थियो या शायद सबैलाई थाहै थियो जीवन भन्दा मृत्यु कति हो कति सहज थियो आमाको लागि। भोलिपल्ट हरेक पत्रिकाको पहिले पृष्टमा एउटै खबर आयो; “एक १९ वर्षकि युवतिको छतबाट खसेर मृत्यु” । उसको जीवन त सहि रुपमा शुरु नि भाथेन होला दैवको बज्रपात सहनु पर्यो । एकछिन अगाडि आँखा अगाडि खेलिरहेकि छोरीको अकस्मात निधन ले ति बा आमा माथि के वित्यो होला तेसको अनुमान लगाउन बाहेक अरु केहि गर्न पनि सक्दैनौं हामी। यि दुई घटनाले मलाई सोच्न बाध्य तुल्यायो कि जमाना जति नै technologically advanced भए पनि मृत्यु माथि काबू पाउन नसकिदो रहेछ। हामी कसैको पनि जीवनको कुनै भरोशा छैन; आज छ त भोलि नहुन नि सक्छ। तसर्थ हरेक दिनलाई आफ्नो अन्तिम दिन हुनसक्छ भन्ने ठानेर तेसको  पूर्ण रूपमा सदुपयोग गर्नु जरुरी छ। त्यसैले कसैलाई माया जताउनु छ भने आझै जताऔं, माफी माग्नु छ भने आजै मागुम, धन्यवाद भन्नु छ भने आजै भनुम,सपना देख्नु छ भने आजै देखुम, तेसलाई पुरा गर्न कुनै कदम चाल्नु छ भने आजै बाट चालुम ।केहि कामलाई पनि भोलि भनेर धाति नराखुम नै राम्रो जस्तो लाग्यो ताकि अकस्मात मृत्यु संग जमकाभेट भइहालो भने पनि विना कुनै पश्चाताप हासी हासी तेसलाई अङ्गाल्न सकियोस् हैन भगवानको कृपाले लामो आयु पाइयो भनेपनि जीवनको अन्तिम समय गन्दै ब्रहमनालमा लडेको बेला आफ्नो वितेको जीवनको बारेमा सोच्दा गर्व महशुस गर्न सकियोस्।